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FUN4TWO site is a portal linking in one place groups and individuals interested in topics swingers. The portal also come across profiles and advertising companies that provide services for swingers.

The main rule is a membership of FUN4TWO users. Members posting photos and videos earn points that can later be exchanged for services offered on the site such as STANDARD or VIP membership, send a message to the hotline, etc., which allows them to completely free to use the portal. Points and membership can also be purchased via Internet transfers and thus contribute to the functioning of the portal.

STANDARD or VIP membership, you can also buy direct on Renew Membership

Acquired or purchased items so you can replace the services available on the portal such as an extension of time in variant account activity STANDARD or VIP or send a message to the Hotline. The portal, there are two types of membership: Standard and VIP. Detailed comparison of various types of membership functions can be found in the image below. The activity of his membership of users opting extend itself by using the points earned or purchased, or by electronic payment (e-transfer, credit card, etc.). If your membership is inactive and can not use all the functions of the portal (red lettering in the status bar "Your membership is inactive" click blue words "Extend the activity," then select the option (Standard or VIP) and the time at which we want to activate your membership and click Renew .


Privileges depending on the type of membership

Function Inactive Membership Standard Membertship

VIP Membership

Access to the news tab   
Access to the communicator
Messages received
Sent messages
Access to the profiles database
Access to search engine
The ability to view user profiles
The ability to view announcements
Ability to add new announcement
Message board
Access to the database swingers clubs  
The ability to send messages  
Access to the gallery  
Access to movies  
Adding images without the approval of the Administrator  
Add a movie without the approval of the Administrator  
Access to the voyeur
The ability to see "Who likes?" .
The ability to see "Who voted?" .
The ability to see full size photos
VIP logo on your profile page  

Scoring on the site for the activity

Activity / Number of points Number of points
Adding a new authorized photo 10 pts
Adding a new movie Authorized  20 pts.

Scoring on the site for Payment

Transaction Number of points
Transfer 5 EUR 30 pts.
Transfer 10 EUR 70 pts.
Transfer 20 EUR 150 pts.
Transfer 50 EUR 400 pts.
Transfer 100 EUR 1000 pts.


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