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Swingers FAQ - Who should swing?

Anyone can be a swinger, but a majority of the swingers in the communities are established couples, either married and not. There are no limits or rules for couples or individuals who wish to enter into swinging lifestyles.
It is recommended to couples who wish to enter into a swinging lifestyle to have a strong bond. Your relationship should be founded on mutual respect and trust. It is very true to say that many couples find the thought of having sex with other people to be very attractive and sensual.          

As a result, they would find swinging a form of channel in enhancing their own sex lives and primary relationships.
Another way to look at swinging is, if you or your partner is uncomfortable with people being sexually attracted and/or flirting, or you both have hidden agendas in your relationship with one another then swinging is not suitable for both of you.
 Swinging is built on communication. If you and your partner cannot have an open conversation about each others feelings towards other relationship problems especially sex then swinging would only complicate your thoughts. It would then  be better for both of you to wait a little while before entering into such “lifestyle”.

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