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Swingers FAQ - Why do people swinging?

There are many different reasons why couples would enter into a swinging lifestyle. For one we know that sex with other people can be attractive and sensual to your usual routine with your partner. And as a result from swinging, it form new heights into enhancing ones sex lives and primary relationships.
In fact swinging is alive and adventurous for couples with a good relationship. Swinging can appeal to their sexual, emotional and recreational needs. It also allows many to fulfil fantasies and the desire to explore these together rather than apart. Swinging is about excitement and fun. It is a way to share experiences which often can increase emotional and sexual growth.
Couples who are not in a swinging lifestyle will find it unimaginable to allow his or her partner to engage in recreational sex with another. To swingers, it is considered a highly
acceptable form of social recreation because swinging couples have a strong enough relation for each other to enjoy the sexual pleasure of his or her partner and take satisfaction from that pleasure instead of jealousy and concern.

True lifestyle people are dedicated family people, who have successfully separated sex from love, not love from sex. Whether the couple is married or committed, sex within the framework is a moving, emotional experience of infinite beauty and excitement. 
Sex in the swinging lifestyle situation is a stimulating and satisfying to ones libido and curiosity. Swinging is enjoying recreational sex with friends who provide excitements, and enjoyment in a harmless atmosphere.           
Couples who are in a swinging lifestyle have no need to cheat or lie to one another. They can be open and share their enjoyment of there with experience with one another.

What you like about Swinging?

Many couples are attracted to a swinging lifestyle for various reasons. Some find that having sex with other people/couples to be very arousing and also finds that swinging improves their own sex lives and relationship with their partner.
Other reasons may include:
• Making new friendships.
• Appreciation to the open-mindedness and pleasure that swinging can bring
• Allow to explore your potential bisexuality.
• To be able to have sexual relationships with others without the feeling of guilt from cheating.
• Able to experience with fantasies such as light B&D and light S&M.
• A lifestyle to discover your sexual needs and wants.
• Learning about you sexuality.           
• Allow couples the opportunity to learn to relax and appreciate sexual pleasure.
• Helps couples to view sex as source of pleasure and intimacy and less as a social bargaining chip or ego boost.
• Learn to accept that others have a variety of body types, sizes, age and shapes. 
• Able to provided an opportunity to dress up sexily and then go completely nude at parties and events which can provide fun and a sensual experience in and of itself.

What you dislike about Swinging?

Some people may feel uncomfortable with other (either man or woman) being sexually attracted to you and/or flirting with you. If that is how you feel, then swinging lifestyle is not for you.
Other reason why swinging might not be for you are:
• Your current relationship is on shaky ground. You may find seeing him or her with someone else to be uncomfortable.
• You and your partner have problem expressing each other thoughts, feelings and wants.
• You and your partner have difficulties communicating directly about your relationship and sex.
• You or your partner feels uptight by seeing people having sex without condoms.
• You or your partner feels offended by bisexuality of either man or woman.

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