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Swingers FAQ - Swingers sexual activity

Once you are in a swinging lifestyle the sexual activities that you can encounter can be endless. You and your partner could get engage in:

Threesomes are usually not part of the sexual activity in a swinger’s lifestyle. This is because swinging usually involves couples. Although that is the case, many new swingers will start off the lifestyle with a threesome. By doing so it allows the new couple to handle just one person at a time. It allows them to get use to the idea of swinging. Many couples will continue to engage in threesome long after they have incorporated themselves in the lifestyles.
So what really are threesomes?
Threesome is where three individual, two of one gender and one of another engaging themselves in sexual activities together.It is common for threesomes to be two women and one man (this man is considered very lucky) as it is just as common for two men and one woman. They can either interact with each other or just two of the same gender to be interacting only with the third. Either way, it is fun and very exciting to be involved.

Couple to Couple
Couple to couple is the core of the swinging lifestyle. This is what swinging is all about, one couple pairing up with another.
During a swinging event or party where the exchange of partners has taken place the participants usually (but not always) will engage in sexual activities within close range of each other. This means either in the
same room or on the same bed. This can also be referred as “open swinging”.
It is also common that, after sexual engagement with exchange partners they will return to their own partner and have sex all over again or these couples may interact in such a way that they have a foursome and have similar sexual activities to group sex where all involved participate together.
At times you may often see, the to ladies pair up and for some bisexuality to show off and arouse the men.

Group (Orgies)
Group Sex or better known as “orgies”, commonly occurs during swinging events at clubs and parties. This kind of sexual  activities involves four or more participants all engage together in the same sexual interaction.
The fun about group sex is that it can involve two couples of/or any gender and relationship arrangement involving both sexes of four of more people. Orgies usually all occur in one big room on a large bed that can accommodate everyone.           

Most on-premises clubs will offer a “ladies night” where bisexuality is the theme. Single females are invited to join the event or party for some fun with swinging couples.
It is also common for swinging couples to invite and bring along a female friend who is interest in such event or party.

Bisexuality involves sexual interaction between two people of the same gender. In the swinging community bisexuality among women are very common compared to men. Although bisexuality among men is extremely rare in the swinging lifestyle, but it is not unheard of.

 Voyeurism is watching others involved in sexual activity.
This is what excites people in the swinging community. Many parties and events held in clubs encourages guest to enjoy voyeurism around open group party areas, while not in private areas of the clubs.
Many feel that by watch other engage in sexual activities make them more arouse and have the urge to join in for some fun and action. It is also common for couples to have a partner who just likes to watch (voyeurism) while the other likes to show off (exhibitionism).

Other Cultures
Swinging is all about discovering and learning about the ultimate pleasure that sex can bring to you and your partner. Other then the normal sexual activities such as threesome, couples to couples or bisexuality, some may like to experience sex of other different cultures.
These may include:

English Culture – This is also commonly known as spanking. It is a fetish that some swinger would have. It involves being smacked on the buttock with a leather belt, ruler, or cane. Couples would fetish find it very arousing and it is a real turn on.

Bondage and Discipline – This is also known as B & D. It is the use of any sort of restraint in sex play. Although bondage can involved sailor’s knots, rope suspension and so forth, many swingers only use the lighter varieties such as a silk scarf around the wrists or a pair or handcuffs. So don’t be frightened by it.

Sadomasochism - This is commonly known as S & M. Some swingers find that the giving (sado) and receiving (masach) of pain as part of sexual play or just for plain fun is always a huge sexual turn-on.

Water Sport – This refers to sexual stimulation where one party urinates on other as a form of sexual foreplay.
However, these other cultures are very uncommon during swinging parties and events and it is usually avoided by many swingers deliberately.

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