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Swingers FAQ - Swingers Lifestyle

A swinger's lifestyle is free from a world of frustration and lost loves. The swinger’s lifestyle simply gives and receives pleasure. There are a few important things to remember if you are to enter a swinger lifestyle:
1. No one should swing unless they really want to.
2. No one should ever go into a swinging lifestyle if they are at all uncertain of their own wishes or of the strength of their emotional relationship with their partner.
Swinger’s lifestyle is based upon communication more then any other factors. Couples involved in swinger’s lifestyle should have the ability to talk openly about there feelings with one another. Learning to do this must precede any decision or discussion of entering the lifestyle.

There are 3 common types of swinger’s lifestyles:

• Soft Swinging
• Closed Swinging
• Open Swinging
There are no strict rules that you have to follow when you enter into a swinger lifestyle, but there are a few things that we recommend you and your partner to follow:
Enter swinging as a couple – in the context of swinging you should enter as a couple. By being couples it does not mean that you need to be married, but should very least have a little history together.

Be familiar with each others’ emotional needs and wants - this is an extremely important rule when it comes to feeling comfortable about other couples approaching you in a swinger lifestyle.

Have good communication – this is critical in a swinger lifestyle as you need to be clear about what you and your partner are doing and why.    
Confidence and comfort first – you and your partner must have confidence in each other when being approached by others. If this is not reached, jealousy will occur (see dealing with jealousy). You should be aware of each other comfort when swinging with other couples. If you or your partner is uncomfortable with a situation or activity, it should be ceded immediately.

The rule of thumb is couples should view swinging as a form of enhancement to their existing sexual relationship, rather than to replace a fail one. Swinging is only a form of social activity for both to enjoy and experience together.

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