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Swingers FAQ - Hygiene

Common hygiene practices are usually part of our everyday life, but it is often overlooked by some swingers at parties and events. These are often little things that most of us were taught throughout our childhood and then have expanded upon us as we have grown older into our teenage year and becoming sexually aware.
Let us refresh your memory so you don’t disappoint and scare off anybody who you wish to swing with:
Showering before the party – be a little self conscious and attend any parties or events smelling fresh and clean.

The use of someone else’s towel – this is big “no”. Do you know which part of the body they have wipe with the towel? or Maybe that person carries some sort of transmittable diseases? Be safe, bring, and use your own towel only.          

Having sex in the spa?
– Having all those hot, horny, and naked bodies in the spa sounds fun ah? Not really at all. Spa pools are kept at a warm temperature which is an ideal place for bacteria and other organic organism to multiply and grow. Plus who wants to share your bodily fluids. So for hygienic purposes go to a dry place to have sex.
– Fingers are a great in giving pleasure in those delicate places when it comes to foreplay, but guys with long and dirty fingernails is just too much. They can cause cuts and spread all those dirty bacteria and germs in those delicate places. So trim and clean you fingers before attend parties and events.

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