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Swingers FAQ -How to enjoy the swinging?

Swinging can be very enjoyable and fun if you approach it in the right way. Let us show you how:
• Swinging should be done as a couple. You need not be married, but should at least have a little history of being together.
• Your relationship should be steady and not on rocky grounds.
• You and your partner should know and be familiar with each other’s emotional needs and wants.
• You both should be comfortable with each other approaching other couples.
• As a good couple you should be able to have good communication with your partner.
• Don’t become overwhelmed in swinging and forget to treat your primary partner with sensitivity and respect.

Swinging is about enjoying the pleasure of different sexual encounters with different people without neglecting your primary partner. It is a social activity for couples to attend, meet new people, and have fun.           
So don’t be pressure to do anything you don’t wish to do.

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