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Swingers FAQ - Glossary

You would find all the common words and terms that are used among swinging lifestyle:

AC/DC – Meaning an individual who is bi-sexual.

B & D – This stands for bondage and discipline.
BDSM - Bondage, discipline, sadomasochism
Back Door – This is a slang commonly used by swinger for anal sex.
Bondage – When an individual is sexually aroused when being restrained or is subject to corrective treatment by another. (B & D)
Closed swinging – This is where partner swap, but have sexual intercourse in separate rooms.
Discipline – These are disciplinary actions which arouse the sexual desires. It can range from mild spankings to painful beatings. (B & D)
DP – This stands for double penetration.
Exhibitionism – Meaning an individual’s sexual desire to show off their private parts to others.
Fetish – It is sexual arousal through the use of objects or affection to parts of the body, such as fingers, feet, leather, and etc.
French – This is another meaning for oral sex.
Greek – A slang word used for anal intercourse.
Hedonist – An individual or one who lives only for pleasure.
Off Premise - These are events in which sexual activity is prohibited at the party. If members wish to get together sexually they either go to a hotel, home, or else where for pleasure.
On Premise - These are events usually held at house parties or private clubs. Sexual activities are allowed in designated areas or bedrooms. There are also safe rooms where sexual activities are not allowed to take place.
Open swinging – This kind of swinging allows partners to swap and have sexual intercourse in the same room, or bed.
Orgy - A party which involves unrestrained indulgence, especially in sexual activity.
Parties – These are events of group swinging with more than one couple. This is not to be mixed up with orgies. Private rooms can be used, but all swingers are under one roof.
Roman - Orgies. This is where unrestrained multiple sexual activities occur all in one room.
Safe - Male with vasectomy or female with hysterectomy or tubal ligation. (This means that he or she is unable to become pregnant or to impregnate respectively.)
Social – It is an event that is organized in a get-acquainted area of neutral ground, such as a restaurant, or dance hall. These are often followed by a party.
Soft Swing - Where two couples will agree to watch each other during sexual activities.
Swapping – This mean the exchanging of partners by two couples.
Swinger – It is when one or as part of a couple engages in recreational sex.
Swinging – This is where two or more couples agree to get together for the express purpose of engaging in intimate, sexual activities with a partner or partners other than their own.
Voyeurism – It is observing others who are engaged in sexual activities such as in the act of undressing, or sexual exhibitions. 
Water Sports – This is a form of sexual stimulation where one urinates on other.

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