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Swingers FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is swinging?
Swinging is defined as a form of recreational, social, and sexual intercourse between consenting adults. Swingers commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting with other male/female couples for sex and ongoing intimacy.           

2. Who are swingers?
Anybody you know could be a swinger. Swingers can come from all races, religions, and any social classes. They are couples and individuals who see their sexual life from a different prospective.
There can be several types of different swingers:

•    Couples Swingers
•    Women Swingers
•    Men Swingers

3. When did swinging begin?
Swinging began in the early 1950’s in the wealthier suburbs of America . During that time the only way to meet other swingers was through personal ads in the newspapers.          
It wasn't until the 1960’s in Berkeley, California that the first organization, “Sexual Freedom League”, for swingers was opened.

4. What is a swinger lifestyle?

 A swinger's lifestyle is free from a world of frustration and lost loves. The swinger’s lifestyle simply gives and receives pleasure. Swinger’s lifestyle is based upon communication more then any other factors.

5. What are the common types of swinger's lifestyles?
There are 3 common types of swinger’s lifestyles:

• Soft Swinging
• Closed Swinging
• Open Swinging 

6. What are the benefits of becoming a swinger?

There are many benefits when couples enter into a swinging lifestyle. To name a few, swingers can:
• Explore their sexuality and sensuality in new ways.
• Discover their potential bisexuality without becoming involved in the lesbian or gay community.
• Learn lots more about their sexual interests.
• Enhance a relationship and the commitment involved in the couple’s relationship.           

7. Do swingers have rules to follow? 
 No, there are no strict rules that you have to follow when you enter into a swinger lifestyle, but there are a few things that we recommend you and your partner to follow:
• Enter swinging as a couple.
• Be familiar with each others’ emotional needs and wants.
• Have good communication.
• Confidence and comfort first.

8. What does meeting other swingers online involve?

Dating online for other interested swingers are vast becoming the most popular convenient and easy way of meeting other swinging couples. It is as simple as finding a reliable online dating services that allows you and your partner to place your details and wait for a reply.           

9. What are swinger's parties or events?

The can either be parties or events held by swinger's clubs or just private parties held by swinging couples who wants to invites small swinging groups to their home for some fun.

10. What are the different kinds of swinging parties?

Swinging parties can be distinguished by the following two types:
• Off-Premises
• On-Premises

11. What are swinger's clubs?
Swinger's clubs are just cool places where swingers can hang out to meet and chat with other swingers just like them. Most swinger's clubs are private club therefore, they allows its' swinging member’s to “dress down” to a g-string (if they are so inclined).           Most clubs are equipped with a DJ, a large cozy bar and a dance floor with the only different being that it contain semi-private rooms where members can enjoy intimate moments.

12. How can I join a swinger's club?

 If you are already a swinging couple you can go to any good quality sites on the internet or swinging magazines that offers you information on swinger's clubs around your city or state. Just be aware that some sites will charge you a membership fee to see their information.

13. Are there resorts that cater for swinger's vacations?
Yes, there are many resorts vacations which offer “swinging lifestyles” all around the world from Mexico, Jamaica, The Caribbean, and to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef .    

14. What are the main differences between nudist's and swinger's resorts?

The main difference is that nudist work very hard in the rightfully way to separate family nude recreation from any sort of sexual activities while swingers do not.

15. Are swinging couples with children welcome to swinging lifestyles oriented resorts?

 The answer is definitely “yes”. Many families with children of all ages enjoy swinger lifestyle orientated resorts together as a family. These resorts are not just restricted to “adult only”. You should bear in mind that nude is NOT rude.

16. How should my partner and I deal with jealousy that arises from a swinging relationship?

Any jealousy that arises between your partner and you should be dealt with the upper most attention, care and love. Swinging is all about having equal fun and enjoyment together and not just for one partner. It should be done in a way so that neither partner is left out of any action.

17. What are the different kinds of sexual activities in swinger's lifestyle?

 Once you are in a swinging lifestyle the sexual activities that you may encounter can be endless. You and your partner could engage in:
• Threesomes
• Couple to Couple
• Group Sex (Orgies)
• Bisexuality
• Voyeurism
• Other Cultures

18. How should my partner and I practice safe swinging?
Everyone in the swinging community should be responsible for the practice of swinging. When you and your partner enter into a swinger lifestyle be responsible and health conscious.
Always practice safe sex by using condoms and make sure that you and your partner are disease free.           

19. What kinds of STD's may my partner and I catch from a swinging relationship?

There are many STD's that you and your partner can possibly catch from a swinging relationship. Some of the following STD's maybe curable, while others will stay within you for life:
• Hepatitis B (HBV)
• Genital Herpes (HSV)
• Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
• Genital Warts
• Chlamydia
• Gonorrhea
• Syphilis

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