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Swingers FAQ - How to deal with jealousy?

Jealousy is when one apprehends of losing affection or position from another. This frequently arises in couples who are new to swinging.

The main cause is that during swinging party and events, one partner may get more attention with plenty of freewheeling sex and sexual fantasies fulfillment, while the other is left out feeling insecure and unwanted.
He or she may worry that they are not valuable enough to keep his/her primary partner’s interest and love, or that fewer swingers are interested in playing with them compared to their primary partner. This would create even more jealousy and insecurity.          

Swinging is all about having equal fun and enjoyment together and not just for one partner. It should be done in a way so that neither partner is left out of any action.
Many would form a rule that they only swing together as a couple meaning that they chose together and only will have sexual arrangement in one room together. By doing so, no one will feel left out nor would they be insecure.

How to Deal with Jealousy?

For a more practical note, the secret to dealing with jealousy is that couple should:
• Be aware and take notice of any emotional concerns and take them seriously whenever it arises.           
• Have good communication.
• Always keeping to each other’s agreements.
• Making reassurance of each other love and commitment before and after swinging with someone new.
• Being a good listener.     

Whenever, jealousy becomes an issue for you and your partner, work it out together before swinging again. It is only then that swinging can be fun and enjoyable for both parties.

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