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Swingers FAQ - Swingers clubs

Swinger clubs are just cool places where swingers can hang out to meet and chat with other swingers just like them. It is a place that provides a friendly atmosphere where you can engage yourself into conversations over a drink while other can have a sexy dance on the dance floor or do whatever really interests them.
Most swinger clubs are private club as this allows the club to provide a place for its swinger’s members to “dress down” to a g-string (if they are so inclined) and it also assures the privacy of all its members (see How to join a Swinger's Club?). Most clubs are equipped with a DJ, a large cozy, bar and a dance floor just like any normal clubs that we go to. The only different is some clubs may often contain semi-private rooms where members can enjoy intimate moments. Swingers clubs are almost found in every major city around the world from United States of America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Many good quality sites would list the popular ones. They would often have email address for you to make any enquires.

How do Swinger's Clubs Operate?
Swinger's club operates very much like the normal clubs that we go to. The fundamental different in these club is that men and women are allow to express there sexual needs by teased each other playfully around the bar area and dance floor where in a normal club you would not find.
Another difference in swinger's clubs is that many contain private rooms and exotic rooms at the back of the club reserve for the use by its members. Most of these room are semi-private meaning that there is a large window where other members can watch as voyeurs and enjoy the actions as they past by the corridor.
Members who use these rooms allowed themselves to enjoy exquisite sexual intimacies, while voyeurs take pleasure in to watch or to join in for some fun. Others who cannot wait for a room can just start having sex while watching those in the rooms. Nobody seemed to mind what they do as longs as everyone is having some fun.
It is common for swingers clubs to have a dining area where they serve meals or buffet to its members. They will also cater for wedding, birthdays, and anniversary parties.
Some swingers clubs will also have television/blue video lounge, lounge room with very large open orgy bed and Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, shower room, and bungee swings.

How often is Swinger's Parties Held?

Swingers clubs operates almost everyday of the week during the evenings.
They are at most popular throughout the weekends as that when most parties and events are held. Most parties or events will have a theme. Popular theme may include:

• Wild Women Night – great for the wives and their bisexual girlfriend.
• All Nude Night – don’t need to say much about this one!
• Roman Orgy Cum Toga Night – lots of toga worn in a revealing way.
• The Big Bang Night – lots of hungry men and very little women.
On special night's such as Easter, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve parties are not exceptional. Many couples swingers and single men and women swingers would join in for a night of sexual fantasies and fun.          
Many clubs would post each month events on the internet or if you are a member they would send you an email or post you a newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

How Can I Join a Swinger Club?

If you are already a swinging couple you can go to any good quality sites on the internet that offers you information on swinger clubs around your city or state.           
Just be aware that some sites will charge you a membership fee to see their information. If you don’t wish to pay a fee then some sites do offer free information on swinger clubs, but remember to read the fine prints to be safe.
For swinging couples who are just beginners and would like to venture into the swinging circle be very sure that you are both mentally and physically prepared as swinging can put a lot of strain on your relationship (see How swinging affects the relationship?). It is suggested that you both search the internet for a club that suit both your needs and wants.
 If anything is unclear talk and work it through together. It never hurt to even send an email to a prospect club to make further enquires about its’ facilities and membership opinions if in doubt.
Lastly, for those single male out there who wants to be involved in swinging too, can also cyber search. Just be aware that not all clubs welcome single male swingers. This is because the swinger lifestyle is typically practiced by consenting couples. Some clubs will open its’ doors to single swinger on special events and parties and on special request by member couples.
Swingers can join a club for a small annual membership fee which would allow you to attend the club and to enjoy the use of its facilities. The amount of fee they charge will depend on the facilities and events they offer to you. This would also vary from club to club.
For swingers who do not wish to join a club for an entire year, then a one off entry fee can be paid to some club for one night of fun.
Do I Require Special Dressing Requirement at Swinger's Club?

There are no specific dressing requirements when attending swinger's club. The main requirements are to be clean, neat, and tidy. Some clubs would fine their members if they turn up in tanks, t-shirts, ball caps, thongs, and torn or dirty clothing. Jeans are acceptable in some clubs as long as they are in good conditions.

Female guest would tend to dress more openly, because of the private club status it simply allows them to do so. There are many ladies that do dress provocatively. It is common to see ladies in revealing micro-mini skirts, with tops which are quite skimpy or sheer.
Some outfits are left virtually nothing to the imaginations. Either way, dress what suit you and your comfort level is suggested. Bra and panties are optional!
Males are often seen wearing sheer shirts with tight grip trousers. Some clubs requires men to wear shirts with sleeves and collars. Suits are highly not recommended.          
When you attend swinger clubs all it is ask is that you not to be surprised or offended by the playful behaviors and liberal dress code of other follow members.

Are Swinger's Clubs Safe to go?

Swinger's clubs are 99.9% safe as long as you and your partner play it safe. Members are not obligated to participate in any sexual activities if they do not wish to.          
It is usually best to get to know the people around you and watch how things all work, and if you wish to take things a little further then do so by doing it politely.
Also, most swingers clubs are licensed private club. This allows them only to provide a place for swinging members only and also assures the privacy of all its members. To further ensure the safety and privacy of it members they not only ask for a membership fee, but each applicant applying to become members to be screen. The most screening process will include requirements such as:

1. You have to be a couple or a single female.
2. You have to have an open-mined view of human sexuality.
3. A random phone interview with a club staff is required. As most clubs do not cater for single male, therefore a lady MUST be present at the random phone interview.
4. Other club may do an email interview or any interview at the club’s offices as this allows them to complete information on the conditions and contributions needed to allow you access to the private clubs
 By doing such, it allows swinger club to offer its couples or female guests the security and privacy within the club.

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