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Swingers FAQ - How to starts swinging?

Your choices to start swinging can vary from:

Party-houses and on-premises clubs
This is the best possible way to start swinging and to be introduce to other swingers through various parties and events. However, there are always fierce competitions for places and only a small amount of first-timers can expect admission to such events. Even if you do get in, memberships to clubs are quite expensive and the activities that goes on are a bit too much for beginners.

Websites ads
You and your partner can also start swinger by placing an ad on the web. Many websites offers placement of personal ads for free, while others will charge a small membership fee. Free placements of ads are good, but just beware of fakes. Pay-sites have more real ads and fewer timewasters. Just remember ads can be slow and requires lots of writing before you find the right swinger for your partner and yourself, but whichever way you and your partner choose, you would be sure to meet other interested couples for some fun.

Magazines and Newspapers
Another way to meet other interested swinging couples is to place a personal ad in newspaper or popular swinger magazines. They can also attract many interested couples.


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